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    RECENT Stutter problem with Witcher 3 JUNE 2016


      Hi everyone, I'm here because I've exhausted every fix I could find/think of apart from trying different hardware. I'm hoping I could get an answer without having to replace anything, which would be the last possible solution.


      I first got Witcher 3 last year, and played it for about 7 hours before I left the country for 6 months. In that playthrough I had no problems whatsoever. I was playing on medium-high settings with textures on high and there were no problems.

      I've recently come back to the Witcher series and played through Witcher 1 and 2, again on medium-high settings with next to no problems, and now that I've loaded up 3 again for the first time since my first playthrough, the game is unplayable.
      I thought that the recent driver and CCC/Crimson update had disrupted things so have attempted to rollback without much difference. It seems the whole game is completely unplayable now. There are stutters from the moment I load the game to the moment I close it.
      I have tried high settings, low settings, forcing priority on processes, changed settings in user.settings files and other ini files, I've meddled with stuff I probably shouldn't have meddled with (then I've reset everything). When installing and uninstalling drivers I've done so in safe mode with driver cleaner, and rebooted between attempts. I've tried old drivers with Crimson, new drivers, old drivers with CCC, rolling back, restoring to previous states, etc. I've tried verifying the game multiple times within GOG Galaxy, I've tried loading the game without opening Galaxy at all. I've tried changed any and all settings inside Radeon settings. V-Sync is off, though some fixes suggested switching it on. I've tried that. I've removed the AMD Audio Driver. I've switched on (and off) Cursor hardware acceleration. Most old fixes to the original stutter issue when the game came out, I have attempted, with NO EFFECT. I'm not knowledgeable enough to start screwing around with more series settings but am willing to try anything at this point.

      The frames tend to stick around the 30-50 mark depending on settings but the stutter is still the same. I am able to run Witcher 2 on Ultra without problems.


      Of course you could understand how frustrating it is to finally want to sink your life into a game and not be able to. So I'm asking for help here (And on Witcher 3 forums) and hoping someone out there has a miracle fix, or at least an explanation. If nothing works I will be going to CDPR or AMD directly for support.

      TL;DR: The game worked. Now it doesn't, infinite stutter no matter the settings. It seems to be a GPU/driver issue but I could be wrong. Halp pls.


      Sapphire Dual X R9 270x Boost OC 4GB (I believe I removed the OC profile but don't quite remember)

      Avexir Core Original 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3

      MSI Z97 U3 Plus mobo

      Intel Core i7 4790


      If anyone has any hints, tips, long shots pls help thank.

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          Oh my god I knew I wasn't the only one with this problem, finally!

          I am in the exact situation as you kneenar. I got the game on steam last year during the Christmas sale and was extremely excited to let this game destroy my life, I only got to play for about 3-4 hours in total and everything was running flawlessly on high presets before life decided to throw me a few nasty punches... But now here I am truly prepared to let this game consume me whole, only to find out that the second I get into the game its stuttering HARDCORE and its doing it constantly like every half second!!, the game just chops along and is completely unbearable and renders the game unplayable when I know my pc is wholly capable of doing so!

          Now back when the game was working when I was playing it, the game was on patch 1.12 which the saves I still have from then clearly state. So my initial thought was the current patch (1.21) which had just recently came out and was only a few days old was causing the issue so I tried running the game on the patch version I was originally playing on (1.12) AND other patch versions but the problem persisted in every version, so then I had proceeded to waste hours trying almost everything you did to fix the problem to no avail. It feels like im at my wits end with no hope in sight and whats worse is through all the net scouring i've had to do, I cannot find ANYONE that is having the same problem we are and if they are, they either haven't spoken out about it or have somehow fixed it on there own and also not spoken up about it.....

          Please don't tell me this is how the Witcher trilogy ends for me..... The only thing left that could possibly be done is to reinstall windows but I realllly don't want to do that, it takes so long......


          Specs are:

          AMD FX-8320 Black Edition
          AMD Sapphire Nitro R9 380
          12GB RAM (Can't remember the speeds and brand)

          Windows 7 Pro SP1

          This issue just does not make any sense at ALL. My specs are the exact same as they were when I originally bought and played this game. What could have possibly changed/happened since then?!?!?!?!

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              Oh man this has been an ongoing battle for me haha! Finally there is someone to share in my desperation! Us lost souls must cling together in this time of need!


              So  you've tried rolling back to previous patches to no avail? That was going to be my next attempt but GoG is not making it easy, and any attempts at doing it manually have failed so at least I have your word to go by.

              I have no updates unfortunately, but I have sent a support ticket through to CDPR, and I might send one to AMD shortly. I haven't had luck on the CDPR Witcher forums either.


              I'm getting to the point where I might just purchase an Nvidia card and be done with it.

              Hopefully the internet gods grace us with a solution soon if this thread dies feel free to email me directly kneenar@gmail.com.



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              Try disabling the stat bar in the UI. The 1.21 B&W UI has destroyed crossfire performance for a lot of people.


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