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    FX 9590 freezing


      Hey everyone I've had my computer almost 2 years but its been freezing ever sense I built it at first I didn't think it was my CPU but now I believe its just not stable. Is not getting over 47c in temp at all even under load. I have tried everything I have seen in forums and well I figured I'd ask on here. I'll least my specs below and thank you for any help you might be able to provide.


      CPU- FX 9590    

      MOBO- ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z

      RAM- 16gb R9 2400 gamer series

      PCU- EVGA 1000w

      CPU Cooler- NZXT Krakken x61

      GPU- ASUS R9 280x

      and its all on a windows 10 OS

      If I'm leaving anything out just ask and I'll answer but to me I've tried everything and it still continues to freeze up mainly while playing games but sometimes while just watching videos (rarely) but it has happen. And i do realize that there are probably multiple threads on this but I figured I'd just go ahead and ask again in case someone has came up with something recent on the topic.


      Once again thanks for anyone and everyones help that gets back to me.

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          When you say "freeze up", do you mean a hard lock requiring a punch of the reset button, or "The graphics display adapter has stopped responding and has recovered"?

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            if your CPU is really hitting only 47deg c under load..


            I find that hard to believe with this CPU as i have both 420mm and 240mm Radtators with a alphacool D5 pump and Resevoir/Pump Combo and sol holds 2l or fluid and i am getting 54 or so under load within a 34deg ambient temp room right now, 100% heavily loaded on all cores as we speak..... i take it you are in a room with a quite low ambient temp as i was originally using an Alphacool Eisberg 240mm and jusy couldn keep it under 60deg on heavy load and your kraken is a 240mm cooler.


            I don't class a 5 minute test under heavy CPU utilisation as a test the effect of Water cooling is cumulative if your cooling is not sufficient, you should put it under heavy load for an hour and then take the temp reading then. if not your temp reading under heavy load just is not accurate.


            Also you do need good airflow on your VRM and also the back of the CPU socket as this makes a huge difference in reliability. and also you need to disable Turbo mode because if you haven't done this i have not had any success in getting Turbo mode working without the PC freezing.

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              Mostly bent pins can make the pc froze or problem with rams check your rams if they are not damaged try to stick one ram and test


              and bent cpu pins can cause the computer freeze on post or after windows load or froze in bios.

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                With the FX-8000 and FX-9000 CPUs everything in the system must be properly set or you will experience stability issues / BSOD. The "auto" function on many mobo / BIOS will not always properly set all of the BIOS settings to what they need to be for P95 stability.


                The Memtest86+ V5 or later is the first step. If you are unable to run the test at the moment, you could remove two DIMMs and see if that changes anything. I'd recommend clearing CMOS if you remove any DIMMS so the system rescans to see only 8GB or less.


                You can also use applets like OCCT to record and graph the vcore voltage, CPU temp, frequency, etc. under heavy load. If the vcore is changing a lot under heavy load, I'd manually set the vcore and any stability options for vcore (LLC or similar) as well as the RAM timings in the BIOS. If the 16GB of DDR3 was not purchased as one single matched RAM kit, you will likely need slower timings in the BIOS than what is on the DDR3 package / DIMMS.