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Need step-by-step instructions for 5 Eyefinity Monitors

Question asked by qigongdoctor on Jun 3, 2016

Hi all.... I have recently purchased an AMD Radeon XFX HD 6870, because the specs said that it would handle 5 monitors in Eyefinity.


Can someone offer a step-by-step instruction guide particularly how to connect the 5 monitors to the Graphics Card.....?


Can I use both DVI ports on the card directly to 2 DVI monitors?

THEN, can I hook the remaining HDMI, and 2 Active OR Passive (?) Mini display ports to...... well  what?  I know I need adapters, but what kind?

Active to HDMI?  Passive to HDMI?  Same question for DVI's ?  Active adapters, passive adapters,  what ports to hook what to...    I'm so confused.....


I'm a USMC Disabled Vet living on one check a month from the V.A., so I have to be really careful, how I spend money.... I don't want to buy

a dozen different adapters, and connectors only to find out that they won't work.... or this one does, but this one won't.....etc...


Help?  Anyone?


Many thanks in advance,