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Amd fx 8350 heavy fps drops

Question asked by davidrrr on Jun 3, 2016
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I bought my new amd fx 8350 a few days ago on amazon (My last processor was a amd fx 6100). After i installed the new CPU i start playing my games, the main reason why i bought a new cpu. After 2-5min into various games (assassins creed black flag, battlefield 3, splinter cell, and Guild Wars 2 my main game, heavy CPU) i have constant heavy fps drops from like 150 fps to 28 fps in every game. I dont had this problem with my old CPU. I dont know what to do, i'm very bad a PC settings. The Graphic settings dont matter i have the fps drops on low and high settings


When I play, the temperature is around 45-60C

My spec:


Amd fx 8350

Geforce Gtx 660ti

8gb ram

500W Power supply