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    AMD software prompting to update but driver incompatible with card




      First post so go easy on me, I am running AMD version 2015.1118.123.2413 (Under system info in the manager software it says 15.11 - Crimson)


      My HP laptop has a dual card - AMD Radeon HD 7620G + HD 8600M Dual Graphics and supposed to be 2gb yet memory on this screen says 768MB.


      Anyway I keep getting prompted to update the drivers and upon doing so I get the warning the drivers wont be compatible with the card.. annoying!


      Now I want to run the latest and greatest to get the best out of my graphics but have hit this wall. What should I do? are there any of you out there with the same laptop as me? Perhaps AMD can comment as I am confused!


      Its an HP Pavilion 15 n038 sa 


      Radeon Settings Version - 2015.1118.123.2413

      Driver Packaging Version - 15.30.1025-151117a-296567C

      Provider - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

      2D Driver Version -

      Direct3D® Version -

      OpenGL® Version -

      OpenCL™ Version -

      AMD Mantle Version -

      AMD Mantle API Version - 98309

      AMD Audio Driver Version -



      Radeon Software Version - 15.11

      Radeon Software Edition - Crimson

      Graphics Chipset - AMD Radeon HD 7620G + HD 8600M Dual Graphics

      Memory Size - 768 MB

      Memory Type - DDR3

      Core Clock - 497 MHz

      Windows Version - Windows 10

      System Memory - 16 GB

      CPU Type - AMD A10-4655M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics


      Graphics Card Manufacturer - Powered by AMD

      Graphics Chipset - AMD Radeon HD 8600M Series

      Device ID - 6660

      Vendor ID - 1002

      SubSystem ID - 216C

      SubSystem Vendor ID - 103C

      Revision ID - 00

      Bus Type - PCI Express 3.0

      Current Bus Settings - Not Available

      BIOS Version -

      BIOS Part Number - BR45120.001

      BIOS Date - 2013/11/05 22:12

      Memory Size - 2048 MB

      Memory Type - DDR3

      Memory Clock - 900 MHz

      Core Clock - 975 MHz

      Total Memory Bandwidth - 14 GByte/s