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    Witcher 3 - Quadfire support?


      Hi guys,

      I recently upgraded my system with 2x Radeon Pro Duos(quadfire) and have been able to max out nearly every game at 1440p@144Hz. These cards rock!


      However, I'm having some trouble with the Witcher 3. For some reason this game is only using 2 GPU's instead of 4. When looking at MSI Afterburner I see that all 4x GPU's ramp to nearly 90-100% usage, but only two of them are hitting the 1000MHz clock speed. The other two GPU's stay @ 3000MHz and never move. In all of my other games the cards work just fine and all 4x ramp up to 1000Mhz. Although I'm able to achieve 80-100 FPS with everything maxed out, I can't help but think what this game would look like if all 4 GPU's were working.


      Has anyone else seen this issue before with quadfire? Maybe the game doesn't support it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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          The health bar has been causing utilization problems with most crossfire users. I usually get 70-90% but drops below 50% with HP bar enabled.


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              So disabling the health bar helps with performance? I guess I'll give that a try, thanks for the suggestion. I really wish I could figure out why the 3rd and 4th cards dont seem to work at all. My overal usage on the 1st and 2nd cards is 80-90% in game, never dropping below that. This game is so promising....never thought we'd be dealing with issues a year after release.

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                  I wonder if anyone from AMD is able to comment on this? Not being able to utilize all 4 GPU's is really frustrating. I would just like to know whether 4-way crossfire is even supported for this game, if not, then at least I know and can stop asking.

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                      I have 2x R9 295x2's and quad fire has never worked in witcher 3. I was only able to get 2 gpus working. This has been an issue since this game have been released. I have submitted a ticket to amd but never heard from them.


                      I think it would be helpful if someone could provide a list of games that support Quad gpu's... So far it seems that I barely use more than 2 gpus with most games and its a real shame.


                      I have been compiling a messy text file with all the games that I have come across running them in 1, 2, or 4 gpu configurations and recording their positive performance scaling, negative scaling, no scaling at all and whether multiple gpus introduce a stutter fest that renders the game(s) unplayable.

                      It's been quite a pain to know that a handful of AAA titles don't scale well or don't scale at all with more than 2 gpus.


                      I've spent more time testing games and trying to figure out if I should disable Crossfire(quadfire) than actually playing the game. 7 hours alone testing witcher 3. Cleaning drivers, installing new ones, changing driver settings, checking afterburner to see if the other gpus are being utilized, waiting on newer drivers, submitting tickets, checking forums, changing settings in game.