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Crossfire profiles for "No longer supported" GPUs?

Question asked by nskyline on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2016 by adamwox

Hi I've got a Lenovo G505s laptop as a portabe gaming pc (yes I know its not actually a gaming laptop) and I experienced a little problem.

When Overwatch were open beta I played the game on this machine also. The Dual-Graphics was working (a.k.a. crossfire) both GPUs on 100%.

I played on medium graphics settings at playable framerates. (I could not lower any setting otherwise cpu bottleneck happened)

But now when the game released I'm unable play it on my laptop, because the CF is not working (I tried everything)

The game is unplayable without cf it cannot reach above 22fps.. running on the R5 m230

My Question is: Is there any way to Add new CF profiles for the old driver like an application for this or any way even if it need some "digging"

The Specs of my Lenovo G505s

APU: AMD A10 5750M

iGPU: HD8650G

dGPU: R5 M230

ram: 8GB total 1066MHz CL7 in dual channel (cf not working above 1066mhz due to memory bandwith difference... i learnd it the hard way)


Win10 Pro x64

Driver: 16.2.1 beta (crimson)