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Drivers Crashing Outlook 2013 in Windows 10

Question asked by liquidcool on Jun 2, 2016
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For a few months now as we have been moving users over to Windows 10, we have started noticing that Outlook 2013 crashes a lot. Mainly when you unlock you computer. It restarts, but it is very annoying. This does not affect Windows 7 users.


We raised the issue with Microsoft and sent them all the dumps that were generated. What they have found was the graphics card drivers causing the crash :


0:007> lmvm atidxx64

Browse full module list

start end module name

00007ffd`47c40000 00007ffd`4879f000 atidxx64 # (pdb symbols) y:\symbols\atidxx64.pdb\CF48D37688CE417C94A8D69B7BC302811\atidxx64.pdb

    Loaded symbol image file: atidxx64.dll

    Mapped memory image file: y:\symbols\atidxx64.dll\563A75E9b5f000\atidxx64.dll

    Image path: C:\Windows\System32\atidxx64.dll

    Image name: atidxx64.dll

    Browse all global symbols functions  data

Timestamp:        Wed Nov  4 23:17:29 2015 (563A75E9)

CheckSum:         00B8E477

ImageSize:        00B5F000

    File version:

    Product version:

    File flags:       0 (Mask 0)

    File OS:          40004 NT Win32

    File type:        2.0 Dll

    File date:        00000000.00000000

Translations:     0409.04e4

CompanyName:      Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

    ProductName: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Radeon DirectX 11 Driver

InternalName:     atidxx64.dll

    OriginalFilename: atidxx64.dll



PrivateBuild:     Built by swtools on CNABDE05 on 11/04/15 at 16:16

    SpecialBuild: DevStudio Build

    FileDescription:  atidxx64.dll

    LegalCopyright: Copyright (C) 1998-2011 AMD Inc.


We have the latest driver pack installed : 15.201.1151.1008-151104a-296217E


We are running AMD FirePro Graphics Cards


The workaround was to disable graphics hardware acceleration.


Is there anyone from AMD monitoring these posts and if so is it possible to raise this issue with them to get it fixed ?