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    Max safe CPU voltage for a10-7870k?




      I own a a10-7870k running on an asus a88xm-plus. I've been trying to overclock and I got a stable OC at 4.4Ghz, using "auto" on the Northbridge Frequency and the multiplyer at 44. Problem is, I noticed (after 3 days, sadly) that my CPU voltage was hovering around 1.65v. (on auto). Is that safe for this APU? I now reduced my multiplier to 42 and am back at 1.52v . Problem is: my mobo only offers Offset mode, no manual voltage setup. So even if I set my offset mode to the lowest setting which is 0.0625, I think, It will still be relative to my APU frequency so I can never get low voltages with even small OCs. Accoding to the BIOS, my max voltage is 1.7v, but that seems excessive!


      I'm just worried I damaged my APU and if I didn't, can I safely run at 4.4 and 1.65? My thermals are ok (hyper evo 212).





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          Let's see if some of our overclocking masters (cavemanthe0ne or savagebeastzero) can lend you some support. 

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            Usually, you can put quite a few volts through the A10 chips, it really depends on the temps for your CPU. If they are good, you can typically push 1.5-1.6 volts, but I'd probably recommend no more than 1.55-1.6 volts for everyday use. Although, more than 1.6 is perfectly fine as long as the processor stays under 80 C.


            The 1.65 volts it was using earlier should not have damaged the processor, it may have overheated a little but considering that it was only on that high for a few days it'll be fine. I know that KeithplaysPC got his 7870k to 5.5 Ghz using 1.75 volts so 1.65 isn't going to kill your processor unless the temp was bad.


            So, in short: You are probably fine, 1.65 should not have damaged the CPU unless it was overheating. I'd also recommend that you manually overclock that processor, you can probably find a better mix of settings than the auto-overclock feature will be able to set. Usually you can find a advanced bios key of some kind to manually do volts, if not then just play with it a bit and see if you can't get the 4.4 Ghz with a lower amount of volts.

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                Great thanks! My CPU temp never went over 65C. My hyper 212 evo with 2x  noctua 120mm fans do at decent job at keeping things cool.


                Thanks for the advice.



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                  Sorry for the slight offtopic but I have similar question related to this problem.


                  Is there any chance of frying the chip in modern AMD CPUs/APUs? In the past it was easy to do something like that but now it should just shut itself down right? I am planning a new build and might just as well overclock it but I want to stay on the safe side.


                  So the worst thing that could happen is that I would have to reset bios using battery trick / mobo button and start over?

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                      @William (not sure why I couldn't find your tag but oh well)

                      Just push up the speed by small amounts, and then when it fails to post, put up the volts until it doesn't fail. Keep doing that until you hit a voltage that is unsafe to go beyond (like on most Intel chips, 1.45 Volts is the max you want to do. On AMD it's much more variable, really depends on the chip. Go find overclocking reviews to see what good volts are for your specific CPU, and you can go from there.)


                      Usually, if you push it too far and it fails then you'll have to start over by resetting the bios, but you should not have to do that unless it is unstable enough not to let you into the BIOS.  If you for some reason throw an insane amount of power through the CPU (1.8+ volts) you'll brick the system unless you have crazy good cooling, so theres that but normally there is no reason not to overclock


                      Really, these days with AMD chips, volts aren't as much of an issue unless you go really crazy high (like over 1.75 volts) or have temperature issues.

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                      hi . i have the kind of the same question , but the apu is a a10 7890k with an asus motherboard i have the cpu offset voltage its at 1.5500 , but the voltage goes all the way up to 1.6100 underload .
                        ran prime95 for about 6 hrs . its stable at 4.5 Ghz with the northbridge at 1900 Hmz with the voltage of 1.27500 , the apu temp didnt go pass 57 degrees . that vortex plus cooler does do a great job . its pretty quite too.


                      thats my questions and the setttings im using it under ,
                      are those voltages are safe?? , the motherboard tells me in the bios the voltage min and max are 1.5 to 1.7  . thats what got a me a bit confuse

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                      Not sure if this is useful information but what I usually do is increase the voltage slightly then run the machine for a little bit while monitoring my temps to see if they get too high. If after about 24 hour load time all is good, then I proceed to increase it a bit more, so on and so on.


                      As far as frying the chip goes, I would just pay really close attention to your temps. I am not sure about the 7870K but I think for most FX chips I would not go over 65c.