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Max safe CPU voltage for a10-7870k?

Question asked by jsa83 on Jun 2, 2016
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I own a a10-7870k running on an asus a88xm-plus. I've been trying to overclock and I got a stable OC at 4.4Ghz, using "auto" on the Northbridge Frequency and the multiplyer at 44. Problem is, I noticed (after 3 days, sadly) that my CPU voltage was hovering around 1.65v. (on auto). Is that safe for this APU? I now reduced my multiplier to 42 and am back at 1.52v . Problem is: my mobo only offers Offset mode, no manual voltage setup. So even if I set my offset mode to the lowest setting which is 0.0625, I think, It will still be relative to my APU frequency so I can never get low voltages with even small OCs. Accoding to the BIOS, my max voltage is 1.7v, but that seems excessive!


I'm just worried I damaged my APU and if I didn't, can I safely run at 4.4 and 1.65? My thermals are ok (hyper evo 212).