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Can't install any driver

Question asked by samsemilia on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by amdmatt

Sorry for some bad english.


Just would upgrade my driver from 16.5.1 to 16.5.3.

At the end of the installation there was the normal restart message but wit the line "installation not complete".

Restartet the system - driver has completeley no more worked - get error that I haven't any compatible amd hardware.

Then complete uninstallation - restart - no graphic card could be found, only the "Windows default generic display driver" was to see.

No graphic driver installation works anymore, every driver says that there is no amd card installed and there was no chance to get it work. Tryed 16.5.3 / 16.5.1 / 16.4. 2 / 16.3.2 .


At the end, the windows update has automatic downloaded the 15.11 driver and could install it.

But there is no chance to upgrade - every other manual driver installation fails at the end of the installation.


My system:

Windows 10 pro

i5 6600k

xfx r9 390x

16gb ddr4 hyper x fury

asus z170 pro gaming

Enermax evolution xt gold 730