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intel Switchable graphics and onboard mobility hd5650 software update problem

Question asked by rounaqabn on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by kingfish

i have intel onboard graphics and my gpu is  mobility radeon hd 5650 in my notebook acer timelinex 4820tg .When i update the graphics for gpu the screen resolution gets stuck from 1336x768 to 800x600 and the catalyst centre also fails to open. And after hardly updating drivers the onboard graphics are not detected and even the games show that no gpu drivers are installed plz help i have tried everything . it seems as if the updates gpu drivers do not collaborate with the onboard intel graphics.but in the device manager when i click on the intel hd graphics adapter it shows ati technologies and yes i dont thick that i have updated any chipset drivers ??ati3.jpgati 4.jpgati 5.jpgati.jpgati2.jpg