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Installer won't install installer. What?

Question asked by armicron on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2016 by Hardwood

I can't get the installer to install the installer for anything.


I'm understanding that I have to download the full 300meg package, which I've done multiple times. I run the file inside but all I get is this grey box. When I try to move on this is my ONLY option.


Sorry about the giant white space, I'm doing this in the heat of the moment. Now if you install this it says its already installed and has a log. The log says nothing. There is a readme, but it is entirely blank. I've run every setup executable to no avail, this screen is the only thing I can reach. Where is the rest of the download!? It says I'm installing the installer but where did it install to?


For your information: I'm running win7 64 bit, after completely driver sweeping with DDU. I've reset multiple times and attempted in both regular mode and safe mode. I have anti-virus off. What else is there to check (And DO NOT suggest windows updates unless you can give me the specific update that is required.)


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