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    r9 390 stuttering


      My 390 is a mess at the moment. I thought it was just because of nvidia works games, but I'm finding stuttering in pretty much every game I play. Any advice?


      My specs are


      i7 4790

      32GB ram

      Gigabyte Gaming 3 motherboard

      850W corsair PSU

      Windows 10 64bit


      Temperatures are all fine (no higher than 60 on CPU and 70 on the GPU) and the games I find the worst stuttering are GTA 4, skyrim, Civ 5, Total War shogun 2, Project Cars, Dirt. I get stuttering in pretty much every game I play, I don't know if this is a driver issue or if I should put my card in for an RMA. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          My R9 390 does not stutter on games I play like BO3, Fallout 4 and Farcry 4. But I have never tried with those games that you just mentioned. Have you tried to rollback on the drivers? Try to reseat the graphics card or do a complete uninstall of the radeon software and reinstall. If doesn't work I would say you have a faulty card and you should RMA it as soon as possible.

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            Have you tried disabling Power Efficiency in Radeon Settings > Global?

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                Yes I have, I also tried rolling back the drivers to the ones that came with the GPU. I've also tried re-seating the GPU as well as using a different PSU, I'm not sure what else to try.

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                    i can tell you for sure my computer acts like its been destroyed by a virus since I updated to the new beta last week.

                    I downgraded the drivers to the non beta and it still acts like its virused just not quite as bad. Its like the update just wrecked my windows. Ive been getting  directx errors popping up everytime i start since last week and video in browsers specially stutters but also video player software I have now practically freezes my PC . Its hardly even game related for me, but I was seeing artifacting and light banding like they wrecked my card

                    Welcome to AMD.


                    BTW i have a dual core 390


                    PS, telling them something was wrong a few weeks ago was probably why they released the software that really wrecked my system last week. So reporting problems to AMD may not be a wise idea. I reported their Auto update didnt work like 2-4 years ago. it didnt get fixed for 2-4 years.

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                  This got rid of my stuttering....might work for others.

                  Uninstall previous drivers by going into Control Panel and right-click AMD Install Manager and select uninstall

                  Uninstall everything and reboot PC. Restart again but boot into Safe Mode and run the Display Driver Uninstaller program

                  to remove all the remaining ATI/AMD stuff and let it restart the PC.

                  Restart again into safe mode and then run the AMD Cleanup Utility (it found stuff still on my system) and reboot.

                  Now install your new drivers.


                  Hope it helps.