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Resident Evil 6 + Windows 7 64 bit + A6 6400K + 15xx driver = blackscreen, doesn't happen on 32 bit

Question asked by cemaranet on Jun 2, 2016

I have 2 machines, Win 7 64 bit and Win 7 32 bit, both have exact same spec, AMD APU A6-6400K, 4GB ram, Biostar Mobo A88MQ,

and both have identical Resident Evil 6 files (1.06)

The problem only happens on 64 bit machine, on 32 bit it starts right away, so there must be something on 64 bit windows version that causes this,

My driver is up to date, and i have tried all tricks on steam forums but it's not working, It shows black screen with waiting sign

and i have to wait like 15 min before the game starts..


I've also tried several driver versions on win 7 64 bit

15xx (the blackscreen was longer than 13xx i think)


and 13xx but none works


But on 32 bit 13xx works...

Any known fix for this?

Or perhaps a fix for future versions?