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Can't install drivers for my AMD graphics card

Question asked by join2lose on Jun 1, 2016
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I'm having some issues with my AMD Radeon HD 6700m graphics card. I was playing a game, and it crashed with "the display driver stopped working and has recovered" message. When I restarted, my system froze at the Windows 10 boot screen (the one with blue Windows logo and spinning dots), the only way to get out of this was by going into safe mode and manually uninstalling the AMD driver.

And now I'm stuck with the Windows default generic display driver. Whenever I try to install the driver (Using Catalyst or Crimson), the installation gets stuck at a frozen black screen once the "device connected" sound that windows makes is heard.

I've tried all the versions available for my card model and having the same issue.


Things I've tried so far include:

- Deleting and/or installing the driver manually from the device manager

- Trying different versions of Catalyst and Crimson drivers

- Deleting and/or installing the driver in safe mode

- Disabling the card in safe mode, and trying to install the driver again in safe mode or normally (automatic+manual)

- Using the AMD removal tool and DDU to uninstall the old drive

- Changing my HDD and doing a fresh install


None of this worked, and I am still stuck without a driver and my PC freezes once it detects the AMD graphics card.


My specs are: HP Pavilion dv6 laptop with AMD Radeon HD 6700m series, and Intel HD Graphics 3000. Windwos 10 x64

Please help me solve this issue