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How to remove gpu driver limitation under Windows?

Question asked by adm!n on Jun 1, 2016

Hi AMD Community,


our systen configuration


Mainboard/ chassis: TYAN FT77A-B7059 with 4G above activated

4 x S10000 (dual cards), i.e. 8 Single GPUs successfully run under Windows 8 with some driver tweacks/hacks (look Luxmark score)




Now we want to try new configuration with 5 x S10000, i.e. 10 GPUs under Windows. The problem is, that we get error Code 43, so we cannot run our System with the 5th gpu Card.



If we start windows in "Secure Mode" all 5 S10000 Cards are detected  by Windows with no trouble (no amd dirver loaded). Therefore, our guess is that amd limits the number of gpus to 8.