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16th monitor wont enable on Win7 using Cat.15.7. Using 4 HD5700 cards with a 4x4 video wall configuration. Monitors are identical, system worked prior to a HD crash

Question asked by hugojr. on Jun 1, 2016

OK I have a off-line Win7 machine with 4 HD 5700 cards using Catalyst 15.7 driving 16 identical Asus 1080p monitors in a 4X4 video wall configuration. Prior to the hard drive crashing the all 16 monitors were capable of being enabled, unsure of which version of Catalyst was installed. After rebuilding the machine and using the latest version of Win7 and drivers I am unable to enable the 16th monitor either through Windows or Catalyst, when attempting this through Windows I get an error stating that another monitor need to be disabled, attempting this through Catalyst gives me a message that it is unable to save changes. Also when setting the resolution to 1920x1080 I can only get 4 of the 16 to turn on, when setting the resolution 800x600 I can get 15 of the 16 to turn on but never able to enable the 16th. Thoughts, suggestions, ideas? Thanks in advance. Hugo