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    Switchable GPU and HP Laptop




      I am new to this community, but this is not my first time working on an HP with switchable GPU AMD/Intel. I experienced lots of problems with this combo even with expensive laptops. I won't talk about the past, because I am living a nightmare these days with my HP Probook 470 G1. So what is the problem?

      I can launch games using switchable option in AMD additional settings, I can play with high performance but I can't do it with streaming software like OBS, XSplit and their buddies. I tried to do everything from upgrading the bios to get the Fixed/Dynamic option (which I think is an old option in HP notebooks, in this one I have the option of "Hybrid Graphic dgpu" if I deactivate it I won't be able to see AMD GPU, and windows can't detect it at all).When I use additional settings to launch OBS when I add a display to the seen nothing shows, just a black screen. If I check the AMD settings, I got no display currently connected to AMD please try later or something like that.

      I tried everything, so don't give me any old solution or hint because I tried every single trick I found in the AMD/HP/Gaming/Developing communities/support/forums.

      These are my information:

      I tried also with the enhanced option:

      I am not using any external monitor or display device:

      System overview from the Crimson software:

      and from hp support software:

      This is the weirdest part in this software:

      When I choose "Global Settings" I got this: two options for the same GPU?

      This is the version of Radeon settings:


      I hope you can give something helpful and if there is no such thing please let me know to buy something better.