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Asus HD 7850 2GB 2d clocks

Question asked by povilas on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2016 by amdmatt

hello, I'am a big fan of old counter strike 1.6, but this card has problems while running it. Using msi afterburner showed that my card doesn't detect this game as 3D and it runs on 2d/idle clocks as shown in attachment


This results in input lag and unstable frame rate making it extremely hard to play, I tried forcing anti aliasing, reinstalling drivers, updating drivers, clean reinstall Windows 10, vsync, tweaking crimson profile but none helped.


However, other games such as counter strike go give me fluid gameplay on average of 130 frames per second.


My setup:

Asus HD RADEON 7850 - 2GB 15.11 driver

FX-8350 stock clocks

AsRock 970 pro 3 r2.0 (bios p2.60)

Creative SB audigy se soundcard

CM Thunder 620w psu

kingston 2x4 ddr3 1333 ram

60 gb ssd and 1tb hdd

CM evo 212 cooler