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Radeon HD 7850 fans are on max all the time, the control doesn't work.

Question asked by everything_is_so_slow on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by everything_is_so_slow

Hey everyone.

My system is as following:

Windows 10 x64 Home

AMD Radeon Sapphire HD7850 2Gb

Driver - Crimson 16.200.1013.0

Monitor AOC I2369V/01 1920x1080 60Hz DVI-D

Motherboard MSI MS-7816

CPU Intel Core i5 4670K 3,4Ghz

Power supply FSP 600PNR 600W

RAM Kingston Hyperx KHX16C9X3/8 DDR-3 8Gb

Here is my problem. Recently my videocard's fans started working on max all the time. Feels like sitting next to a working jet engine. Fan control in AMD overdrive just doesn't work. Even if change fan's speed to 0% it stays at more than 4000rpm.Here i changed it to 26%. Temperature.jpgrpm.jpg

I've tried reinstalling the drivers,  deleted them completely with DDU, the problem remains. I changed thermo grease just to be sure, but anyway the temperature wasn't more that 40 degrees. The weird thing is that in Radeon software on 1st screenshot it is stated that the temperature is 127 degrees, so i guess it thinks that it is hot and needs to cool down. I think that the problem might be with the software  or thermosensor on the videocard itself. But then the data of Aida would be different too i guess. Appreciate any advice or help. My ears are really tired of that constant noise.