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    Radeon R7 260x flickering 16.5.3




      I have been desperatly trying to solve the problem with the flickering while gaming or browsing.

      This problem started after I installed windows 10 from stratch (clean install). I tried to use older driver versions, and it did not solve the problem, after that I used driver unistaller thingie and installed the newer version which I still use with alot of stress.

      The only temporarily fix for me is to restart the game and hope that it does not flicker for a while.


      Note: when there is no driver installed, I don't observe any flickering. By flickering I mean random blackish squares that appear in random places in each program, but they remain in the same place while the program runs.


      Affected programs:

      - Blade and Soul

      - Neverwinter Online

      - Google Chrome (scroll bar for example)



      Windows 10 Pro x64

      Motherb: H87M-E35

      GPU: r7 260x

      CPU: I5-4460 3.2 GHZ 6MB cache


      What to do? I really don't want to spend another summer working for another GPU, I bought this one as my first GPU was ATI and I liked it, all my friends told me to buy Nvidia and I ignored them.


      Thank you for your time.

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          We are investigating reports of flickering issues with 16.5.3, apologies for any inconvenience caused. I would recommend using your previous working driver until we release an update.

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            Having the same issue, i installed 16.3.2, and so far, no flickering on the browser, will do a dota 2 game(only game that crashed while i had 16.5.3) , now or later, and ill tell you if it's working (no driver crash reset).


            Thank you for your time ^^

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              Tried the new 16.6 whatever hoping it would fix the issues, chrome just slowed to a crawl...

              dropped back to 16.5.1, least trouble for me so far, sadly.  Been trying all the hotfixes, but each one has another issue.


              win10 32bit, and lots of chrome tabs, really reveals the issue.

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                Hello everyone, so I updated my drivers with June's patch and I seem to still have flickering issues. Did this hotfix helped someone with R7 260X flickering?


                What should I do to be sure that it's not my GPU physical flaw? Is there a test that does not use my graphic drivers to check my GPU integrity?

                I'm very afraid that something is wrong with my GPU since this flickering is not going away. Once again I want to remind that this only started after the upgrade to Win 10 from Win 7.


                Thank you for your attention,


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                  same here, flickering in the most games.

                  -windows 10pro x64

                  -r7 260x msi oc (vbios updated UEFI on)

                  -i3 6100

                  -msi h110m pro-vh

                  -psu thermaltake 550w80+




                  driver 16.6.1 crimson

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                    Same problem, flickering an glitches affect some games like GTA V, Dirty Bomb and any other game, also affects Windows in normal use, no frames per second affected, the same after crimson update.


                    No changes between different version of the driver.


                    -Win 10 Pro x64 Anniversary Update

                    -Gigabyte R7 260x Windforce OC

                    -MB Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5

                    -8GB Ram 1800mhz

                    -AMD FX 4300 Quad @3.80Ghz

                    -PSU: Cooler Master Silent Pro 1000W

                    -Crimson 16.12.2