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display switch (Solved)

Question asked by cpd74 on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by cpd74

I'm Pat from France and I have a Radeon HD 6900 win7 64bit 15.7.1 drivers (latest non beta)
I just changed my PC screen from Hyundai to AsusVG248QE DVI mode.
I assigned two shortcuts to toggle the screen from PC to Sony TV (I use mini display port / hdmi cable) and visa versa.

It still works from PC to TV but doesn't work anymore when I want to switch back from TV to PC the hotkey (Alt + W) no longer works.

I can no longer toggle the display from TV to PC, I have to do it manually via the Windows Control Panel.
I went into Catalyst control center, Presets,  I deleted the assigned key combo to the former Hyundai screen, and I created another one with another key combination, it does not work, I may have forgotten something?
Looks like the former Hyundai screen is still stored somewhere and active.
Any idea to fix this ?

Thank you