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MSI Radeon R9 390x low fps in most games (GTA5, simcity,rocketleague and others)

Question asked by tommyboyblitz on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by tommyboyblitz

Hello, i know this has been asked many times before but i have tried all the solutions to no avail. Also i cant find any answers about freesync.


As above i am getting low fps in most games and i have done a side by side comparison to my brother near identical machine and i am getting less than half his fps even though his specs are lower. ie: rocket league he was getting 120fps and i was getting 40-50fps on the same network on the same server driving side by side.


My system:                                                  My Brothers:


AMD FX 8350 8 core                                   Same

MSI 990fxa Gaming motherboard                MSI 990fxa -gd80

16gb vengeance ram 1866hz                       8gb vengeance ram at 1600hz

MSI Radeon R9 390x 8gb                            Radeon R9 280x

Acer XF270HU 1440p 144hz monitor          Acer none freesync 1440p normal monitor

750watt psu                                                  same


My system should be performing better than his yet in all the games mine is struggling where his is doing well. I have tried the usual changing drivers and many many drivers. Disabled freesync etc. messed around with the settings in the game, borderless etc with no change.


Its getting to the point where i am considering going to Nvidia after 10+ years of using AMD. This is not the only problem i have had with drivers, when i first got my monitor i had to back date a couple of months just to get it to run and it was glitchy with screen flickering.


Please help me, i need a solution and please get your act together when it comes to drivers, more testing and less updates??