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    Horizontal lines at boot, then blackness/blueness (in Win7)


      (I wasn't sure if I should post it here or the Drivers subforum, please move it if it's wrong.)


      Hi folks,


      Could you help solving this?


      A few days ago I was gaming as usual, then a few minutes after exiting the game, my screen suddenly got random noise-coloured horizontal lines on it, and all the screen elements were kinda half-misplaced horizontally (as if every 2nd pixel line was shifted), and after a minute or so it all went white. I think one of my fans might have been emitting some unusual noise when the error first occurred, but that might have been due to the increased activity due to gaming.


      When I quickly restarted my computer, the blue Win7 loading screen already showed the stripes, and when it would have loaded the actual Windows UI, it all just went black instead, and I had to turn it off with the power button after a few minutes. I let it "cool off" overnight, then tried again, with the same result.


      Every time I tried since, the very first screen with the motherboard logo shows some black dots that I don't think were there before, then the DOS-like loading screens and the black Windows loading screen with the animated logo appear all right, but the blue loading screen shows the lines, then fades to blackness (or sometimes to a solid light blue colour), and stays that way until I hard reset. But when I start my computer in Safe Mode or with uninstalled GPU driver in normal mode, it all works properly.


      Only thing I can think of that I did recently is that a few weeks ago I cleaned my computer case out with compressed air, but I didn't move the GPU at all then, and have been gaming as usual since then.


      Following some tips I found on the internet, I tried to run or reinstall Catalyst Control Center and Radeon Crimson in Safe Mode, but both pops up a detection driver error, and freeze until I kill them from task manager. At the same time Windows's Device Manager and the AIDA64 sees the GPU's correct model (and Windows multiple times automatically installed drivers to it via Windows Update). I also checked the card visually, but it doesn't have any discolouration or other visible signs of failure, and cleaned out the card, its cooler, and the motherboard connection of dust, but the issue persists. When I tried to reinstall CCC in normal mode with uninstalled drivers, it installed properly, but after rebooting, the issue is back, and if I restart it in safe mode, it shows the detection driver error again. I tried with 3 different versions of CCC, the freshest from the website, one from 2011, and one from 2013 (the one I've been using until the problem occurred).


      My PC is only usable at the moment in safe mode or if I uninstall any GPU driver, so I can't test if it overheats when gaming.


      Any ideas?


      (PS: I had this PC config since 2011, and it was working all right until now.)


      As an aside note, I've been planning to take up the offer to upgrade to Windows 10, and then do a system reset and do a clean OS reinstall via that. Do you think that would solve the issue?


      OS: Win 7 Pro S1 x64
      CPU: Intel Core i5-2500
      Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-PH67A-UD3-B3
      Memory: 8GB
      GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6870
      Screen: Samsung SyncMaster T200


      I took some screenshots and photos: http://imgur.com/a/wzI37