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R9 380 2GB low fps issue

Question asked by oytal on May 30, 2016
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I recently upgraded my girlfriends computer with a 380 2GB but now im having problems with low fps and im having a hard time fixing it. Im getting 50-120 fps in csgo and low fps in other games aswell. I dont remember exact but I think we got like 40 fps on guildwars 2 on the lowest settings. I tried updating amd drivers, reinstalling, tried a different version aswell. I also checked the bios is up to date. The card is running at like 40 celsius. I even tried overclocking it a bit and it helped a little but now its back at default after reinstalling drivers. Im running the advanced amd driver or whatever its called, I tried installing the minimalistic one instead but I got some runtime error


Specs are:

Windows 7 64-bit


B75MA-P45 motherboard

8GB Ram

Some 600watt PSU wich I dont remember the name or brand of right now.