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Cannot install legacy Drivers correctly

Question asked by piney on May 30, 2016
Latest reply on May 30, 2016 by kingfish


After troubleshooting with Blizzard support in regards to getting Overwatch to detect my dedicated graphics card rather than integrated, they suggested I update my drivers to the final legacy driver for my product. However after downloading and installing Crimson, and the latest Catalyst directly, and also through the auto detect program during a second attempt, both times after completing the installation, I would be stuck in 800x600 resolution, and no programs would launch correctly. In this state, if I tried to run Catalyst, it would show an error message saying it could not detect any AMD drivers or that they were faulty. Crimson would repeatedly suggest downloading the latest Catalyst despite already having installed it both manually, and through Crimson. Both times I had to restore my computer to a previous point.


Is there something I'm missing for me to correctly install these drivers?


System information

HP Pavilion G6 2235TX notebook

Windows 7 64bit

4gb RAM


AMD Radeon 7670M (7600M series)

Driver version:


Intel HD Graphics 4000 integrated

Driver version: 8.933.3.3000


Intel core i7 3632QM 2.2Ghz