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RMA Replacement Fury X Received Damaged.

Question asked by john007 on May 30, 2016
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The Fury X was emitting a loud grinding sound from the GPU pump. Also what sounded like beeping which was some of the worse coil whine ever heard. So the RMA went ahead and the Fury X was sent to the dealership.


So the dealership stated a new replacement would be delivered. The RMA replacement Fury X has damage on the radiator, most of the fins are damaged I'll upload a picture.


Also the GPU had no input protectors aswell. I messaged the dealership about this and they stated that because I didn't sent the Fury X with the protectors they had to take them off the replacement GPU to send the GPU off to the manufacturer?


Another problem. This replacement GPU emits no coil whine or any high pump noise, but the radiator is making a strange sound (sounds like a tap running) Also the fan starts making a loud sound when its at high load? The original Fury rad was absolutely silent?


For some reason I believe this replacement is a display model.


What are my options right now?


Thankyou for your time and hope to speak soon.