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Recommended APU for Dual Graphics Setup?

Question asked by nasch007 on May 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by amdmatt


I currently have an Asrock 880 motherboard and an AMD Athlon X2 processor. I purchased an MSI R7 370 4GB DirectX 12 PCIE 3.0 card and it has made a huge difference in the system. However my motherboard doesn't fully take advantage of the card and is also showing its age.


I want to get a new motherboard with PCIE 3.0 and USB 3.0. I want to get a CPU/APU that will match well with my video card. I am interested in running a Dual Graphics setup (can't afford to Crossfire at the moment).


I was looking at a Fatal1ty motherboard and a 7870K APU. I figured this is a good match since it has all the features I want and the integrated graphics is an R7. But I read that AMD recommends the R7 250 or lower with this APU. Note that it doesn't say explictily that the r7 370 is incompatible, it just says the 240/250 is recommended.


So to my question: if not the above, then what APU will match well with this R7 370 for dual graphics? If the answer is "none", then what would be a good compliment to this video card? Even without the dual graphics, is this APU/R7 combination capable of 60+ FPS @ 2160p or 1440p "max" or "ultra" settings?


I can post the rest of my specs if needed.


Thank you!!


**Edit - I should add that I am going to upgrade to Windows 10 after this purchase, as part of training for work and also to take full advantage of DirectX 12 and its asynchronous shaders and "true" multi-gpu support.