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My TV can't find a signal from the hdmi-cable from my PC, (Radeon r280x)

Question asked by invertible on May 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by invertible

Hey, so I just put up a TV in my room and thought I'd connect it to my PC. So I got an hdmi cable, plugged it in and nothing happens.The TV says "no signal" and my PC can't even find the TV.

At the moment I got 2 regular monitors using the 2 DVI ports (1 of them with vga->dvi adapter) and they are working just fine. Anyone have any ideas? I've tried finding the tv using both with the "regular" monitor settings in windows and with the radeon settings, none of them seems to recognize the TV.



Radeon r280x

intel i-7 4790k, 4.0GHz


650W power supply

MSI Z97 gaming motherboard

Windows 10