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Radeon 200 series, black screen + other problems

Question asked by truscellino on May 30, 2016
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my PC crashed one day and when turning it back on I got a black screen just after the 'starting windows' logo. ive had other problems which I think relate to this, things such as my games tabbing out while I am playing and suddenly going into windowed mode for no reason, or not being able to tab back into games. Something else is, when I have other applications like chrome or task manager open, and one of those apps does an action (like receive a Facebook message or something) this tabs me out of my game, which is really annoying because it means I have to close nearly all other apps when playing a game. I started to make the conclusion that this was a driver/graphics card problem (would make sense that all these problems are related), and plugged my cable into the motherboard instead of the graphics card so that i could use Intel graphics instead of the graphics card. This worked fine of course and I Started Making research on the problem, however when I came back to my PC (after 35 mins or so) it had crashed, and now turning on the pc with the cable using Intel graphics, it doesn't even show video output. My monitor just doesnt recognise any video input coming in. So I plugged my cable back into the graphics card and my monitor DID recognise video input, but it's the same old black screen from the start.


i do not remember doing a specific update (although my computer might have done it automatically), and this happened for no reason. Things such as tabbing me out of my game for no reason and not being able to tab back into a game have been happening for quite a long time now but I chose to live with it.


I use Windows 7 home premium 64-bit

Processor : Intel core i5 4690k

graphics card : AMD Radeon R9 270x

motherboard : gigabyte H18M-S2H

8GB RAM (2x4)

The cable I use is hdmi into the monitor and dvi into my PC


Thank you in advance for any help!