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Enduro/PowerXpress/Switchable Graphics bug: dedicated graphics are not recognized.

Question asked by spacev3gan on May 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by spacev3gan

I have an A10 + 8970M laptop. My primary graphics is a 8650G, which is no longer supported via new drivers, so it is likely that I am beyond help at this point. Nevertheless, I would like to bring this issue to your attention.

When playing Blizzard's Overwatch, I got shockingly bad performance, even at the lowest settings. I had no clue why that was the case, since people with mid to low range happen to have a better performance that I can achieve with my rig, until I noticed as displayed in game settings that the graphics being used to run it is the 8650G.
Obviously I have Overwatch.exe set to run at High Perfomance via the Catalyst Software, but that doesn't help. I did a thorough research on the net, tried several drivers (even modded ones), yet the problem persisted. 


One particularly interesting finding that I came across is that AMD is aware of this bug, as it was reported on this thread on Blizzard's forum [Game won't recognize graphic card] over a year ago. This issue is known to affect two huge titles, Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch, and it seems like this problem happens to all AMD Switchable Graphics rigs, whether their primary graphic is AMD or Intel doesn't alter it. If that is the case, buying any AMD mobile GPU to play Blizzard's games might be a no-no. I am surprised that no fix has ever been provided thus far. However, Overwatch being of the biggest - if not the biggest title currently on the market may help push things forward or at least get some answer.