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    4th screen (TV) overriding eyefinity (enabled or disabled)


      This has only started to happen and i can't find a way to solve it...


      Just read this back to myself and sounds confusing so here's what i USED to be able to do - have 3 monitors and 1 HDMI all plugged in at once - 3 monitors as eyefinity group (gaming) - deactivate group so i can activate the TV (films) by disabling one of the monitors - only now, pluggin TV in to HDMI kinda overrides anything "eyefinitiy"....!!!!


      I use a 3 screen setup, all monitors are same make/model pluged into my R9 390's DisplayPorts which works fine BUT when i plug in my TV to the HDMI port the eyefinity group on my 3 monitors disappers and they switch off leaving only the TV displaying a picture and says its still in a group and looking at the eyefinity optins its only has a "disable" option when it already is and does nothing when pressed. This happens if the group is activated or not.


      When this happens i cannot select any option to reactivate my 3 monitors - it will only output to the TV. Even if i deactivate eyefinity but have the other 2 monitors extending the desktop from the central monitor and then plug in the TV it's as if the TV becomes the "main display" of the group. If i run the eyefinity setup with the tv connected i can only select 2 of the other monitors for the group and it wont allow me to change the main display to one of the monitors as im trying to have ONLY the monitors in the display group but leave the TV plugged in - so when i want to use the TV i'd deactivate the display group, deactivate one of the monitors so i can active the TV for watching films.


      The only way i can "fix" this is to phyiscally plug/unplug the TV from the HDMI socket from the back of the graphics card whenever i want to use it.