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    motherboard support for fx 9590


      used one board asus m5a99fx r2.0 worked for about a yr, then liquid cooler went haywire, tried msi 970 gamer doesn't support/ asrock fatal1ty doesn't support gigabyte ga-990gfxa-ud3 would overheat as well, I starting to suspect cpu, but haven't found any real answers thanks bob.

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          The Asrock Fatality1 most definitely supports the FX-9000 series CPUs and is an excellent choice. Mine runs P95 for 25 hours straight without errors or overheating @ 4.7 GHz. Asrock has two other models that properly support the FX-9000 series CPUs in the Extreme 9 and the Fatality 990 Killer. Gigabytes earlier model 990FX chipset mobos could not even properly support the FX-8000 series 125w CPUs. Recently they came out with a newer "XFA" series mobos with proper VRM designs for the 125w and 220w FX processors.


          ASRock > Support > CPU Support List


          GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Ultra Durable™ Series


          If your cooler has the capacity to properly cool a 220w CPU then maybe you have insufficient airflow thru your case or your cooler isn't functioning as it should. Additional VRM cooling is a necessity for the FX-9000 or overclocked FX-8000 series CPUs.


          The best way to find the current model mobos that properly support the FX-9590 is by going to the mobo makers websites and look under "Supported CPU models" for their top model mobos. You will also need to use a HSF or other cooler that can properly cool a 220w CPU under full load because it produces almost twice the heat of a conventional 125w FX-8000 series CPU.