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AMD driver install loop

Question asked by fishcow on May 30, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2019 by prasanthp

Hi all,

My GPU recently died, so I removed all the drivers using both AMDcleanupUtility and DDU and shutdown in preparation for installing my older spare cards I had laying around.



Uninstall and reinstall seemed to go well, except now after EVERY reboot, the AMD Install manager pops up and wants to reinstall the "Latest drivers" - which I already have installed.



I can't find a startup item that is triggering the AMD install thingy from running after every boot.

I get sick of dismissing the install diag each time I boot.

Anyone have any ideas - I tried just deleting the AMD installManagerApp , which works until I check for updates lol

I haven't ever run into this issue before



I'm running Win 10

Any ideas appreciated