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    AMD driver install loop


      Hi all,

      My GPU recently died, so I removed all the drivers using both AMDcleanupUtility and DDU and shutdown in preparation for installing my older spare cards I had laying around.



      Uninstall and reinstall seemed to go well, except now after EVERY reboot, the AMD Install manager pops up and wants to reinstall the "Latest drivers" - which I already have installed.



      I can't find a startup item that is triggering the AMD install thingy from running after every boot.

      I get sick of dismissing the install diag each time I boot.

      Anyone have any ideas - I tried just deleting the AMD installManagerApp , which works until I check for updates lol

      I haven't ever run into this issue before



      I'm running Win 10

      Any ideas appreciated

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          We're are currently investigating this bug, apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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              Just started for me as well after I updated to the latest beta driver. If there's an ETA that would be great.


              One other issue I have with Crimson drivers on Win10: It will pop up with a notification in the action center when there's an update available. But all it says is a generic "General software update is available" message that does NOT scream "AMD" or "Radeon" or even drivers to me. It's very generic and puzzling. Worse yet, when I clicked on it the message simply vanished from my notifications and did not take me to the Crimson drivers to update. I have heard some people say when they clicked on it, it loaded the radeon settings program. It did not do anything when I clicked on it. The only reason I made the connection is that the AMD driver update notification popped up at some point, and after updating, that action center notification ceased appearing.


              But that's when the issue mentioned in this thread started occurring... I will say that other than a few minor (and ignorable) issues like this, the Crimson drivers have been very solid for me. No drivers are perfect but in general I've been very pleased with them.

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              Similar issue and a workaround > Legacy branch being nagged about GCN driver updates

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                I forgot to mention that about a week or so ago, I updated to 16.6.1 and the problem vanished.