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Display artifacts, BSODs, & Windows not loading after driver upgrade

Question asked by udekp on May 29, 2016

Hello AMD forum community,


I have had a problem with my computer since I updated my graphics card drivers on Thursday, May 26, 2016 after not upgrading for a couple of months and it automatically came up to install, after being reminded by Windows everyday, so I decided to upgrade finally.  After installation I started to have frequent flickering of my monitor.  As annoying as this was, I didn't do anything about it or research it, but then after playing "Block N Load" my computer crashed with artifacts that were yellow/orange looking with no audio or sign of getting back to normal so I turned it off by holding the power button down.  I got off until next day where my computer would turn on but would receive a black screen until I restarted it and worked normally for a bit, still flickering.  I proceeded to launch "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" and my computer BSOD when playing for about two minutes.  The BSOD mentioned something about a 'thread', but I don't recall the full error message sadly.  After trying to get the computer back on right after this my computer would get a black/blank screen with nothing happening.  Again, I restarted my computer resulting in Windows not loading correctly which resulted (after several times getting this screen for the past two days) going into safe mode and booting from there.


Safe mode worked fine but I noticed artifacts all over the screen (some are just green lines, others are purple, and it's not everywhere.)  Attempted to remove the drivers from the control panel but kept getting "Failed to load detection driver..." error.  My GPU didn't show up in HWmonitor (temp. checking program) but, however, it was shown in my device manager.  I proceeded to uninstall the drivers from there and rebooted.  After rebooting there were still artifacts shown and my resolution was low but I could boot into Windows properly, but only for 3 minutes before resulting back to the black screen.  Just to clarify, my fans (including video card) are still running even when there is no display.


Things that I have tried thus far:


  • Use a different DVI cord
  • Plug my monitor into VGA
  • Attempting to install drivers via safe mode (same error as above [Failed to load detection drivers])
  • Clean out PC




CPU: AMD FX-8320 (3.5 GHz)

GPU: AMD Radeon 7850 (1GB)


HDDs: 1TB (7200 RPM), 750 GB (7200 RPM)

Motherboard: ASRock 990FX Extreme 3

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)


Thanks, in advance


Maybe this isn't a driver problem but only a coincidence however.


Edit: Restarted computer and Windows went into normally, changed resolution to my native (1600x900), and attempted to download drivers, PC went back to a black screen on both monitors.  Today, uninstalled all of my AMD components using the uninstaller in my "programs and features."  Green / black lines are still on my screen now in a horizontal fashion and am running on the default Microsoft basic drivers.


EDIT + SOLUTION: After much troubleshooting and asking friends, experts, and AMD themselves it is confirmed that my video card is dead.