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PC green screens sometimes

Question asked by kjivin on May 29, 2016

I just recently built my pc around a week ago and everything works fine except for these rare green screen freezes. It has only happened twice so far, once when I was loading an image from a website, and another time when I was playing a non intensive game on steam (Rivals of Aether). When the freeze happens, the entire screen turns only green and it continues to play the audio of whatever was happening for a little while. After a couple of seconds the audio starts to loop quickly. I'm not sure what information is needed to help diagnose this problem, but I have Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit running with a MSI Radeon R9 380, Intel i3 6100, EVGA 500W Power Supply, Gigabyte H110 mATX, and1 stick of 8 gig memory.



I tried reseating the ram and the the video card, then running a memory test (which show no memory errors). The green screen has occurred using both the AMD 16.5.3 beta drivers and the 16.3.2 drivers.