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amd install manager wont uninstall

Question asked by right0us_man on May 29, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by amdmatt

First, i'm sorry if this is on the wrong forum. First time using these forums. Anyway, i recently installed the AMD install Manager program and since doing that i cannot uninstall it. When i go to control panel to uninstall it, it simply brings up the program and moves to uninstall all my AMD drivers. I DO NOT want to uninstall my drivers. I just want to remove this program. Now this isn't the Cat Control center or anything like that. The base program for AMD drivers and cards i wish to keep, my drivers i wish to keep. I simply wish ti uninstall the program called AMD Install Manager. It appears as a largely grey window with grey buttons.


I got the program to make sure I had the correct drivers because i kept getting a update my drivers pop up, even after installing the driver the pop up would mention. I had hoped this program would solve my issues, instead it just re installs drivers I already have and starts when the computer does. Its very annoying, I no longer wish to have it on my PC. Someone please help me.