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Crash introduced in driver 15.11

Question asked by yves on May 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by yves


The following change causes a segfault in fglrx 15.302 (yes, that's actually the most recent one you get for Linux):

Storage block reorganization, cleanup and driver difference/bug worka… · Yves-G/0ad@5db4d9a · GitHub

For now I've downgraded to fglrx_15.201, which does not have this issue. There are no issues on my Nvidia test machine either (besides the other one I've worked around with this changeset and reported here). On Windows I also get a crash. The first driver version that crashes is 15.11 there. It still crashes with 16.5.3.


And a more general question...

I sometimes wonder if I'm the only one who has such a hard time implementing things in a way that works on all drivers. I've triggered quite a few driver bugs in this development branch already and actually loose way too much of my time debugging driver related issues. How do you guys proceed in such situations? Don't touch the dev system until you're done with the development and then deal with issues on different platforms? Or is that just how it is? It's not like OpenGL 4.3 is bleeding edge technology.



I've tested on Windows and updated the problem description above.