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    HP ProBook 450 g3 - switching graphics not working


      Hi there,


      I have HP ProBook 450 g3 with Intel HD Graphics 520 and AMD Radeon R7 M340 graphic cards.


      I tried to play The Witcher 3 and discovered that switching graphics is not working at all, no matter what I do.


      I have downloaded latest drivers for my Intel & AMD cards, set max performance in Crimson everywhere I could (app itself, different setups etc.), launch the game and have 5-9 fps...AMD System Monitor shows that AMD card is just resting with 0% of usage all the time!


      I tried with different drivers, even installed leshcatlabs drivers, set everything and it still doesn't work. It seems like I can't use my dedicated graphic card at all.


      Do you have any ideas? I have paid for this card and now it's useless...

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          Thanks. Awesome support. Never buying your crap again.

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              Whoa calm down, you have a very new HP notebook that came with pre-installed manufacture installed drivers out-the-box.


              1. You shouldnt have uninstalled anything before properly testing the notebook first and giving HP tech support a immediate call to either RMA the notebook or taken the notebook back to the store you purchased it and requested a swap for another model, if they found you to be correct in your diagnosis.


              2. Using Leshcat drivers for your notebook unit wouldnt even be supported yet, and i know for a fact you have to be a member of there boards and send in special requests for unknown setups and builds that arnt really a AMD VGA stand alone card. They deal in the business of getting AMD cards to work with Intel CPU's main stream desktops and work arounds , requests time PLUS fat donations have to be made to that team. Not fan really.


              So breathe, if you have no options, get the info to factory restore your notebook with the pre-installed drivers on it, see if problem still exists then call / feedback HP.


              This is not AMD's fault , drivers you ended up installing are mostly referance drivers and it clearly states above the download found on this site that it may or may not allow all OEM functions. Trust me, you need to call HP / store you purchased it from. Your OEM ( HP) will have a updated driver for you for dealing with Skylake + AMD. This is not found in a referance driver package TBH.

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