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    Temperature limit for different nodes


      I have an old HD7870 which heats its gpu to 67°C, vram to 65°C and vrm to 75°C when playing dota-2(vulkan api) on maxed settings 1080p.


      Cooler fan gets so noisy I tune it down so it is not loud anymore but this time gpu reaches 75°C, vram reaches 72° and vrm reaches 82°C. It doesn't make any artifacts or similar side-effects but,


      If I completely stop all fans in computer case, how long could it withstand 95°C for all parts of graphics card? Is it safe for vrm at least? Or safe for gpu too?


      I have an FX8150 processor and it maxes its fan speed at 50°C. Cpu is 32nm node and gpu is 28nm node. Shouldn't the cpu withstand higher temperatures since it is built on bigger node?


      Is a cpu built for more longevity than a gpu in mind? If yes, could I let the cpu reach 80°C for a more silent gaming/computing so they both age at same speed?


      Will Zen architecture have higher max operating temperature?