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    Crimson 16.5.3 driver instability


      Hey, after installing 16.5.3 driver for my Sapphire nitro fury card i have had problems at playing any games at all. At times my video card just crashes and monitor loses

      signal output to my graphics card without recovering at all. Hard reset is required to get out of the loop where my desktop keeps running and sounds stay playing on background.


      Anyone else having this issue with latest driver ? I'm really eager to hit my hands on warhammer but it's unplayble atm.




      Edit: Reverting back to 16.2.1 driver seems to have stopped crashing for me.


      Edit: After 2 days of using 16.2.1 the gpu has not crashed a single time for me, but performance in new titles like total war: warhammer is abysmal. I suggest everyone with black screening to revert back into older drivers.