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    R9 390 crossfire problem


      Hello people


      I recently bought myself a second Sapphire R9 390 Graphics card so i could Crossfire them and hopefully get some better performances,The problem is when i enable Crossfire my framerates dont go up(During gaming)instead they plummit to the ground reaching Framerates about 15~20.


      I installed the right drivers motherboard is crossfire compatible.

      Hardware should do the trick i checked everything, I just took out the second GPU and i got no problems at all with framerates.


      The ONLY thing i could think of is my motherboards PCI E ports , cause i've read some forums saying they must be the same of 16x + 8x would be fine,

      However mine is 2 x 16x with 1x 4x the speed , I dont know if that would be a problem , Some people say its a problem and others say its not , I just dont know what to do anymore hence this post.


      MotherBoard : Gigabyte G1.Sniper B6 LGA 1150

      Cpu: I5 4690K (not overclocked)

      PSU Corsair CX850M

      RAM: XPG ADATA 16Gig


      I you got a solution for me i'd love to hear it, Thanks in advance