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    AMD Gesture Control Install Fails


      I have an HP Envy with an AMD processor and chipset. When I use the automated AMD Software check it prompts me to install AMD Gesture Control, which I would like to do.

      However, when I install the software the installation fails and the attached log is dumped out.

      Anyone have any ideas what the issue could be with the installation as the log file does not exactly provide loads of information that appears useful.

      Thanks in advance


      Action ended 06:16:15: ExecuteAction. Return value 3.

      Action 06:16:15: custom_FatalError.

      Action start 06:16:15: custom_FatalError.

      Action 06:16:15: custom_FatalError. Dialog created

      Action 06:16:28: LaunchInstallLog.

      Action start 06:16:28: LaunchInstallLog.