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Need help with GPU Scaling

Question asked by jsd on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 30, 2016 by jsd

Hello everyone,


I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and of course it automatically updated my graphics drivers and now GPU scaling does not work for me.


I have an HD 7700, and I am using a Dell 16x10 monitor. I play SC2 and I have it set to 1920x1080, (a 16x9 res) so with GPU scaling ON, and having it set to maintain aspect ratio it should give me black bars on the top and bottom, but it does not. I have messed with it for hours and it's just driven me nuts. On Windows 7 I used to use CCC 14.4 which is the only way I could get this to work. Is there some other reason why GPU scaling just plain wouldn't work anymore? It makes the game downright uplayable.