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[AMD Radeon HD 6900] Drivers Fail to Update

Question asked by exileediting on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 27, 2016 by kingfish

For months now I haven't been able to update from this current version of the 64-bit radeon drivers. (Windows 10)


In case it's hard to read;

Current: 15.301.1901-160226a-29990...

New: 16.15.2211-160321a (WHYQL)

New: 16.15.2111-160314a (Beta)


What happens?:

When the drivers update check happens it detects that there are new drivers. Alright, well the installation process goes through completely and seems fine.

It then tells me to restart now or later and I choose now. After the restart my drivers remain the exact same version as the "current" above. I've tried doing a complete re-installation of my drivers from scratch with the help of my dad and we still haven't got this to work.


I'm not sure if I had this problem before I wiped out my PC but I feel that after that wipe I've had more problems than I should be.


Anyways hopefully someone could help me out.