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    R9 380x fps drop


      Hello guys,

      Anyone have a problem with R9 380x ? like FPS drop or something like that ?

      When i try to play guild wars 2, i've got a massive fps drop like 17 Fps - 60 fps in medium setting.

      Before with my r7 370 strix 2go i can keep the 40-50 fps without any lagin medium/high setting.


      Do you have idea to solve this probleme ? (power efficiency disabled) .


      Thank you



      - i5 6400

      - 8Gb DDR4

      - r9 380x STRIX OC (stand by) / r7 370 Stric oc

      - 1TB hard drive.

      - Be quiet 650w 80+ silver.

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          I have the same problem! I did not find solution to the problem! The card is very bad! I have sapphire nitro R9 380x.

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              1) Check your Power Limit (must be set to +50/+20 (depend on max value you have))

              2) Check your ULPS Status. Disabling it can help with some voltage drop problems (lags, FPS drops and such). If your card from Sapphire, you can use Sapphire TRIXX to disable ULPS.

              3) Check your PSU Voltages - how old are your PSU? Use HWMonitor to check system voltages in idle and full load mode. Also check temps - very high values can make your hardware unstable.


              That's all for now. Hope it helps