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Question asked by cablenexus on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2016 by cablenexus

Since last Crimson beta driver 16.5.3 when I choose to install AMD Gaming Envolved and as soon as the installation start it returns an amdxc64.dll error.

The debugger shows me that the the amdxc64.pdb file could not be loaded. I use a Windows 10 64 bit configuration with 8GB and an Intel Duo Core 2.66 processor with an AMD Radeon R7 2GB videocard.


In my Windows system32 folder the amdxc64.dll (file version was present and installed by AMD itself since I updated to version 16.5.3. But the amdxc64.pdb file was not matching that (not digitally signed) version so started to loop error messages. Since the error was returning after every start up I try to find a solution myself and I found another version (file version of the amdxc64.dll file and (after making a backup from the original file) overwrite that one. Since that moment the error is gone and I was able to install and AMD Gaming Envolved app.


I seriously can't believe that two of one of the biggest tech companies (AMD and Microsoft) release mismatched .dll and .pdb files to their customers in a bundled product offer and that I with my home entertainment user level have to find solutions in a debugger. I report it here to help you guys on this forum because you always do a good job, but I think seriously this is a big shame for both MS and AMD engineers.