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    R9 380 and War Thunder


      So there have been couple of topics here on community forums with problems regarding the R9 380 and War Thunder but I haven't seen this one being discussed: cloud flickering.


      The WT devs are apparently trying to fix the problem, or so I was told on the WT forums, but it has been weeks now and no fix in sight. Only workarounds so far are using OpenGL (horrible performance), using "support for old videocars" (e.g. game looks like absolute sh*t) or switching to DX9/E, which still looks sh*t but not that bad but has its own problem with clouds, textures are acting weird.


      Anyway, I'm using MSI Gaming 2GB version myself, and this problem basically stopped me from playing. I'm either forced to play low tiers or tanks, which I personally don't like.


      I have no other problems in even more demanding games (Red Orchestra 2, GTAV, Assetto Corsa, to name a few). Temps under 65°C 99% of the time.


      Personally, from what I experienced, the fault is probably somewhere in the WT engine and their new clouds system. Since I remember when the new clouds were introduced, and there were no problems at all. And then a small patch was introduced that changed few things on them and that's when the flickering started, at least for me. So I kinda doubt it's the drivers only related problem, since I was on the same version during that period. But that doesn't mean its maybe possible to do something on AMDs end also.


      I've reported this issue already only few days before 16.5.3 beta was released, but I doubt there will be any attempt by AMD to address this issue right now, maybe unless more of 380s owners will report this.


      Here are few WT threads discussing this issue:

      BUG Flashing clouds - Crashes, Connection & Update Problems and Advice - War Thunder - Official Forum

      [BUG][0042622] Blikání mraků - Technická sekce - War Thunder - Official Forum  - actual video footage of the bug


      TL,DR: DX11 clouds in WT are flickering, v-sync has an effect on it also (off makes them flicker like crazy, with vsync its better but not much).

      It's been happening for few months now, no driver release made difference.


      My setup:

      Intel Core i5 4690k @ stock

      MSI z97 Gaming 3 BIOS 2.A

      MSI R9 380 Gaming 2G

      Some HDDs

      Cooler Master G450M PSU

      LG Flatron IPS235 using DVI-D


      I ask all 380 owners with this problems to report here. Thank you