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    KVM switch causes R9 390 to "Squish" windows when used.


      I have an R9 390 running Radeon Crimson 16.3.2 with the hotfix.

      I have it connected to a StarTech KVM Switch. When I use the switch i can go to my other machine no problem the screen remains the same.

      When ever I switch back to the machine with the R9 390 in it all of the windows I had opened have been squished into the top left corner of the primary monitor.

      Example 1: Before Switch

      Example 2: After Switch

      It is very annoying when i have a large number of windows open and i then have to reorganize the display.

      I also find it ridiculous that a card this nice is unable to handle a KVM switch whereas the Intel HD Graphics 4000 in my work laptop has no problem with it.


      Let me know if anyone has any suggestions or ideas to try.