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    AMD and Windows 10 PCI Bus Driver


      Hello guys,

      This is my first post here, and I think that this is the relevant forum to post it.

      I have the following laptop:

      Lenovo IdeeaPad G50-45

      AMD A8-6410 2.1Ghz

      AMD R5 M230 2Gb

      8Gb Ram

      SSD Kingston HyperX Fury 120Gb Sata III 2.5inch

      Windows 10


      After every AMD video driver update, or at about 1 month intervals, Windows installs a different driver for PCI Bus (even though I deactivated the option to install drivers from windows update), after that at every startup I get the message "Your system settings have changed, you need to restart for this changes to take effect". Every time!!! And I can't even update the driver, or roll it back because it says I already have a better driver.

      On top of everything, in reliability history I see that the process "tbaseprovisioning" service has stoped responding and was closed.

      From time to time (at about 1 and a half hour intervals), I get the blue screen of death, or just a full system freeze, where I can't do anything, but hold the power button to shut the pc down.

      This is the 6th time it's been doing this in the last 3 months.

      Tried uninstalling all the AMD drivers, and reinstalling them again, did a full  format and OS reinstall (this work for about 3 weeks), and even used O&O Shutup10, and still get this wonderful messages and errors.


      How can I stop this from happening, or WTH should I do to?


      This is my last resort, as I'm seriously considering selling the thing and switching to Intel/Nvidia

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          What build is your windows 10 on?

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            Find/google this wushowhide.diagcab and use it to disable the windows update that installs the driver you don't want.

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              did you fix it? i ve got the same problem

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                The Amd_Pci bus has been a issue for missing the actual install process in windows since it was first released in Win7 ,


                Heres what you should do.... and this driver is not installed or updated for a lot of people, so you may just be using the generic "PCI Bus" driver provided from Microsoft. The difference is Microsoft is spelled PCI and AMD is spelled Pci, PLEASE CHECK before taking the following steps.


                1 ) So what do you do if you want to update/switch to AMD's Pci Bus driver? You'll need access to a Catalyst driver package. You can grab one either from AMD website, AMD's Support Page, or your OEM.

                Once you have it, run it and let it extract files IF you havnt already


                2) Head over to Device Manager, find the PCI Bus driver, and Update it.

                Browse my computer for driver software > Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer > Have Disk... > Browse...When you opened up the driver installer, it extracted files. You'll want to go find that folder now. By default, it would of placed an AMD folder on the root of your system drive.


                3) You want to go into the Packages\Drivers\amdkmpfd folder

                The next folder you want to go into is dependent on your OS version. The folder names are pretty self-explanatory, but:


                W7 = Windows 7 32-bit

                W8 = Windows 8 32-bit

                W764A = Windows 7 64-bit

                W864A = Windows 8 64-bit

                W1064A = Windows 10 64-bit


                You then just double-click the amdkmpfd.inf in the folder


                4) Press OK, and you should then be shown the "Pci Bus" driver. Press Next to Install it, if more than 1 is shown, CHOSE the highest date shown, most current released, although if they are close sometimes the one pre-dated is newer, idk why that has been done cough


                Problem with windows10 is the new security and the fact it didn't really see a lot of notebooks / read them correctly, If you havnt already, Roll back to 1511(TH2) Edition, then reinstall your drivers and update them, then Upgrade Advisor and see which drivers windows10 is allowing you to use, Microsoft now has a extensive rollout list created for 1703 Creators edition, that is based on the problems they had with 1607 and want to slow things down for 1703, your notebook might not be on the 1703 rollout list yet, therefor, its going to get ugly when 1703 does not know what to do.


                Hope this helps

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